3D Square


Guaranteed +/- .002"

 The 3D Square is 3/16" aluminum machined to a computer-generated precision of +/- .002" over the full 6" length of the blades. The L-shaped profile is engineered for strength, yet thin enough to allow quick and easy fastening with spring clamps. Bar-clamps or C-clamps can be used where stronger holding power is needed.

Use the 3D Square for building boxes and drawers, for assembly of cabinets and bookcases, or wherever an accurate 90 degree corner is required.

Clamp as many parts as you want

Boxes and drawers

4-Pack of 3D Mini Squares: $44.95 + $5.95 S&H

The mini squares are only available directly from Jevons Tool Company

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Mini square is 2" long on each blade

​Machined to precision of +/- .002"

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For assembly of smaller projects:

  • Jewelry boxes
  • Small drawers
  • Picture frames

3D Mini Square

About us

Jevons Tool Company has sold 250,000 3D Squares since January of 2001 through trade shows, catalogs, and stores. They are produced here in Kansas City, Kansas by a custom manufacturing company, then deburred by hand in a local sheltered workshop. Since we are a small company, we can't afford to have any unhappy customers, so if you have any problems with our 3D Squares, please let me know, and I'll do whatever I have to do to make it right.

4-Pack of 3D Squares: $59.94 + $7.95 S&H

8-pack of 3D Squares: $114.95 + $11.95 S&H


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Jevons Tool Company

Holds the parts steady and square during assembly

Precision Corners Fast


Watch the 3D Square in use

Cabinets of all shapes and sizes.

Build cabinets by yourself. You don't have to wait until someone is available to help.

Dry assemble to make sure everything fits before applying glue.

Make sure it comes out square.

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Highland Hardware

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TESTIMONIALS from customers I've met at woodworking trade shows:

Seriously Good Squares. And with 8, you can work twice as fast."    Bruce W, SC

“Best money I ever spent.”   Rena R, Dallas, TX

“I bought these for my husband so I don’t have to go into the shop and hold stuff anymore.”   Penny P,  Philadelphia, PA

“I bought these because I’m tired of my husband whining every time I ask him to come out to the shop to help me put my projects together.”   Betty D, Indy

“I use these to square up deck frames. They make it perfectly square.”   Jerry M, Alpharetta, GA

“It’s cheating!” William G, Ontario, CA

“Last year you told me to get 8 squares. I only bought 4. You were right, so I’m back to get another 4.”   John S, Ft. Washington, PA

“Well, DUH!” Greg G, Dallas, Texas

“It’s about time someone came up with this”   Dave F, Group Leader, Industrial Machine Shop   Chicago, Ill

“They make it too easy” Mike D, Dallas

“I love ‘em. I built an entire 10’ x 12’ wall of cabinets.”  Reba Dee M, St Louis, Mo.

“I wouldn’t build anything without them.”  Joel F, Cabinetmaker, Clearwater, SC

“Worth every penny. I use ‘em all the time”  David, Martinsburg, WV (as he bought his second set of 4)

“Worth twice the price”  Doug, Washington, DC  (owner of eight 3D squares)

“You can never have too many 3D Squares”  Jeff, Palmdale, CA

“This will save my marriage”  Murray,  Lake George, MN

“Indispensable”   Kevin, Waldorf, MD  

“Speeds up assembly in our specialty department.”  Gerald,  Foreman, Olympic Cabinets, Kansas City, KS

“Handiest things I ever bought. I use them everyday.” Robert, Naperville, Illinois

“I built a whole kitchen using these 3D Squares and I love ‘em”  Roger, Grand Island, Nebraska

“I still check the diagonals, but I haven’t missed yet.”  Herman, Atlanta, GA

“Best thing I ever bought.”  Ron, Bardstown, KY